My energy is back!!

Yeah! I’m finally able to stay up past 8pm without dozing off on the couch! Actually, I don’t even feel like staying on the couch anymore! yippee!!! I guess this means the second trimester has officially kicked in!

So, what better time than now to (re)start exercising (after a 3 month break). I began by looking for classes: prenatal aqua gym, prenatal yoga… Well, the yoga classes are fully booked until January and I need a one-piece bathing suit for the aqua gym. Off to the stores on Friday!

I was stunned to find that my size was basically sold out in just about every maternity shop in Brussels (ok, I may be exaggerating here) and that a maternity swimsuit is not easy to come by… Anyway, my little bump doesn’t want to fit in my regular clothes, but seems to still be too small for maternity pants 😦

So, after many unfruitful hours of shopping, I go home and shop online!

This is what I managed to buy:

Sexy swimsuit

Black pants


my first purchase for sprout! A bit bland, I know, but not knowing if it’s a boy or girl (or what I will need even), I thought it’d be the safest choice!

I bought everything at La Redoute – Vertbaudet

7 thoughts on “My energy is back!!

  1. Wow sounds exiting! It must be amazing.. good luck with your new sprout and may both of you have lots and lots of goodies.. hehehehe

    Hugs & Kisses:)

  2. Nobody seems to understand my frustration about shopping for me while pregnant…. Reading your words made me think: yeap!!!! Just like that….. Big enough for your own usually clothes, but not big enough to fit pregnant cloths…. GRRRRR!!! Don’t worry, you’ll be bigger and then… you’ll find out: pregnant clothes sucks!!!

    Love you!!!

  3. A propósito: compra interiores de abotoar ao lado, vais ver a diferença que fazem dos restantes… Muito mais simples de vestir e despir…. 😉

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  5. Hello, could you tell me where u got your maternity bathing suit from pls? I go swimming and would love one. Was it from La Redoute? And where it this pls? Do you happen to have an address? Thanks. Much appreciated. Lynsey.

  6. Hi Lynsey! Congratulations on your pregnancy! When are you due? I bought my bathing suit online at www., but they don’t seem to carry it anymore, only these It does seem to be available in the UK though:
    Good luck!

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