Out and about in Italy


I was in Italy for work most of last week, at the Beautiful Peschiera del Garda near Verona. I had to get the above pic off the Internet though because unfortunately the weather was terrible… rainy and dark the entire time. And wouldn’t you figure that it was nice and sunny in Brussels? Who’d guess?

This was my first flight since discovering I’m pregnant (although I did fly to and from Portugal early in the first trimester without knowing). All went great, no hassle with the travel as my bump isn’t quite that big yet. I did get support/flight socks for the trip because I was afraid to get all swollen up due to pressure changes. That was my first adventure: buying the socks! In Portugal, you can get them at any pharmacy, but here you apparently have to order them in advance unless you go to a specialist shop (bandagiste). Of course, as always, I only went to buy them at 5.30pm the Friday before I left, with a holiday the next day (which in Belgium = everything is closed!). After going to a few pharmacies and not finding an open “Bandagiste”, I tried the department store. Fortunately they had them (ridiculously expensive), although only pantyhose and nothing specific for pregnancy. I ended up buying a size bigger than usual so I wouldn’t squish my belly and they were actually comfortable, although it took ages to manage to get them on!

I didn’t manage to see much of Italy as I was locked up in a hotel in meetings for 3 days! Plus, I had to wake up at 3.45am on Monday, travel, work, have a working dinner… I was dead! This was definitely the most tiring trip I ever had and I don’t think I would have managed during the first trimester (please excuse me while I take a nap!)…

Anyway, got back to Belgium Wednesday evening and after working on Thursday (my b-day, sniff, sniff) I had a nice long relaxing weekend to recharge my batteries! Hurrah!

One thought on “Out and about in Italy

  1. Ah pois é: neste país de 1º mundo claro que existem meias de descanso em qualquer farmácia… tu é que foste para esse país sub-desenvolvido não sei fazer o quê (eh, eh, eh)!

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