Aquanatal or how much of a geek am I?


Yesterday I went to my first Aquanatal class at my nearby pool, the Poseidon and I got to try on my sexy swimsuit.

Class started at 6.30pm and, of course, as usual, I was running late and left the office past 6pm already. I still had to go home (by metro), grab my things and dash to the pool. Amidst all this confusion, I managed to get in my bathing-suit at home, stuff towel and slippers into a bag and make a run (or drive) to the pool. Since this was my absolute first time to the pool, I still had to buy a swim-cap, find my way around and get a €1 coin for the locker. Of course I was late… But at least I wasn’t the last one.

The class was nice, not very challenging physically, which is understandable, but it felt good to be moving around in water. I must say though, at a certain point I started to feel cold.

Now, I don’t know what’s wrong with me (besides my fear of deep water), but I’m totally awkward in water! while everybody seemed to be doing their exercises in place and not moving while floating, I managed to be all over the place! Can anyone explain? Really? I mean, I kept bumping into others constantly… I’ll have to figure that out.

Anyway, out of the pool, quick shower to get the chlorine off and then change. When I realised… Oops!!!! I forgot to bring a change of underwear!!! Can you believe that? What a geek! Anyway, I dried up and put on my clothes over my wet swimsuit and shivered my way home. I also ended up not knowing if they have hair dryers available… Hmm, I hope I’m more organised when I’m a mom!

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