A productive weekend

This weekend it snowed! Perfect excuse to stay indoors and get some of my maternity sewing done.

And so I tackled my very first piece of clothing without a pattern! I must admit I didn’t really know what I was doing and had to rip it apart a few times, but I’m quite proud of my accomplishment.

Voilá my first maternity skirt:


Oops, didn’t notice I still had some pencil marks in this pic…
It took me an afternoon to do this. Now I’m looking forward to making more clothes! Can’t wait to find out if I’m having a boy or girl to start making stuff for little sprout as well. 2 more weeks… Yay!

And I guess it’s a good time to show off my new skirt AND  my bump!


Sorry for the poor quality pics. Dark house and auto-timer don’t help much.
And yikes, talk about bad hair!

I’m now 19 weeks pregnant, almost halfway through and I already managed to put on 4kgs… I’m going to be so BIG!


2 thoughts on “A productive weekend

  1. WOW! You look so nice pregnate.. you already have such a big tummy.. amazing!
    It´s so strange to see you pregnate, I just didn´t picture it.. but you look great! Don´t worry abour the weight, you´ll loose it afterwards..

    Hugs & Kisses:)

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