Prenatal Yoga


On Saturday I had my first prenatal yoga class. Actually, it’s called “Active Birth Yoga for Pregnancy” (more information here). I loved it! I always liked yoga, and enjoy doing my Shiva  Rea Prenatal Yoga dvd, but it’s much nicer in a group and with a teacher helping you with correct posture and breathing.

The group is fairly small and everyone is at different stages in pregnancy – from 4 months all the way to 9!!! The classes are in English, which is nice since all other exercise classes I’ve  been to here have been in French. The teacher is very sweet and some time is set aside for us all to talk about any possible niggles and to share experiences. The whole group seems quite nice. I’ve signed up for 6 classes so far, once a week on Saturday mornings, and can renew when the 6 classes are up. Which I probably will, for as long as I can.

I’m very keen on having as natural a birth as possible (yes, that does mean without any drugs) and I hope that this will help me prepare body and mind for that.

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