Saving back

I must thank my friends that have already had babies for the wonderful tip. I must admit I never imagined how much it would help until I bought one myself. I’m talking about a maternity belt to help support the weight of your belly and reduce (or in my case eliminate) backache. I can’t tell you how fantastic this is!!! I bought the Anita maternity belt (you can see it here). I’m not crazy about the cloth that goes over the belly, but you get used to it after a while and I’ve been using mine everyday. Fabulous!!

And here, another belly pic at 21 weeks


3 thoughts on “Saving back

  1. Estás uma mamã LINDAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! E sim a cinta ajuda muito…. principlamente na fase que tu estás. No final da gravidez já não precisei: curiosamente não tive dores nas costas nessa altura (acho que o meu corpo habituou-se ao peso) e a cinta só me atrapalhava

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