Nursery – Take 1

Nursery – Take 1 by sandramorim

We don’t actually have a house yet, but since the nesting instinct is really starting to kick in, I can’t help but play with possible nursery scenarios.

I’d like something simple, clean and modern that can grow with our little sprout. I love the Stokke Sleepi that can convert from a bassinet all the way to a toddler bed and then into couch and/or chairs. It is a bit pricey though and sheets will have to be oval… but I couldn’t resit adding it to my style board :). I also love (and we’re most certainly going to get) the Stokke Tripp Trap chair. Again, it grows with the child, so it can go from being a high-chair into a (pre) teen chair.

I don’t know about the colour of the furniture yet though… I like white, but am afraid he’ll outgrow it fast once he’s out of the crib. I like dark wood, but am also afraid it will look too dark. Any suggestions?

I think the general colour scheme will be shades of  blues, browns and greens, with some more colourful accents thrown in. Now let’s just hope we find a home soon!

3 thoughts on “Nursery – Take 1

  1. O berço oval é uma boa ideia e acompanham depois o crescimento da criança…não sabia é que os lençóis também teriam de ser ovais, mas nas casas ondem vendem o berço deves encontrar. Quanto à cor da mobília eu optei pelo branco e não me arrependi: o quarto fica muito fresco e leve, depois é fácil para conjugar com a restante decoração. Particularmente acho que mobília escura para um quarto de bébé torna-o (o quarto) muito triste.
    Investe numa boa cadeira para amamentares e para embalares o bébé:nem imaginas o jeito que dá de noite….


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