Back from Christmas holidays

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas!

We just travelled to Portugal for 10 days to spend Christmas with friends and family. This is always a logistical challenge since our families live about 450km apart, so we figured it would be even worse with me pregnant! Luckily, the weather was great with sunshine nearly the whole time we were there – a great break from the Brussels weather (although it’s sunny here at the moment). It was great to see our parents, rest of the family and some friends. Unfortunately, with so few days and 2 5-hour trips in between, we didn’t manage to see (or even speak) to many friends that we very much wanted to 😦   You are in our hearts though, and hopefully we’ll see each other soon!!! I really missed my family, too. It’s a pity we’re scattered though and my sis, BIL, nieces and nephew are in the States. I used to love our big family Christmases, but this year it was just 4 of us. I’m glad I went or it would’ve just been my parents.

Pregnancy wise, Portuguese Christmas food was quite a challenge for my heartburn and no matter how little I ate, I always felt overstuffed!! But all in all I felt pretty good and very happy.

I must say, for the trips (both plane and car) my maternity contention stockings and belly belt were life savers! They really made the trip much more comfortable.

And now back to work…

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