Nursery – Take II

Now that I’ve actually been looking around more, I’ve had some changes of heart regarding the nursery: The Stokke Sleepi bed seemed like an excellent idea, but at around €900 it’s quite pricey. Plus, now that I’ve actually seem one like, I sort of fell out of love with it. Another change is the rocking chair. i went to Ikea and sat in it and realised it’s not too comfy for my size (maybe I’m just too small for it?). Since I really hate the look of the gliders sold at maternity stores (plus they’re freakin’ expensive), so we’re most likely going with the Ikea Poang chair which is really comfy and cheap too! I’ll probably be making different covers for it, but that will be a longer-term project.



As for the furniture, we want something that will grow with sprout, at least until he’s around 7yrs old, so we’ll probably not go with white. Now, I love white in a baby’s room, but not so much for a toddler. Here are some of the rooms we’ve loved:


This is an Oak and Walnut version of the “Block” room from Kidsmill (a Dutch company). It is solid and semi-solid wood, with all natural paints. The crib transforms into an infant bed, so it would grow with sprout. I also think it is neutral looking, so easy to personalise and not get sick of. We both prefer the Walnut version, but are uncertain if it would be too dark for a kid’s room.

Another one we like from the same company is “Kubus” in white oak.


This one has more or less the same characteristics as the previous ones, with the added bonus that you could add on furniture to it, such as night table, desk, teen bed, shelves, etc.

They all seem really well made and long-lasting, which I think is difficult to find nowadays when everything seems to be “disposable”. I love that it’s all natural materials and it is much less expensive than the stokke ensemble.

For the colour scheme, I personally like blues, greens, browns and whites. I’m thinking of making the bedding and other textiles myself and avoid the over-cutesy or over-muted baby sets. Plus, we don’t want bumpers because they pose a risk for cot death and most/all baby sets include them.

Some fabrics I like:




Of course, we’ll only be getting the crib for now because we have still to find a house and therefore a nursery… But it’s still nice to think about these things 🙂

4 thoughts on “Nursery – Take II

  1. Preto! Não, também não gostamos. As fotos são só para mostrar a mobília… O resto será mais colorido! Mas em peincípio vamos comprar o Kubus em carvalho branqueado. 🙂 Logo que soubermos se já temos casa ou não 😉

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