31 wks Scan


On wednesday we went for our 31st week scan. Little sprout was sound asleep and with no intention of waking up! It was nice to see him again and for the first time he was nice and still, so quite easy for the doc to measure. In the first picture you can see his head and arm, with his hand on his forehead. So sweet:) The second picture is just in case we had any doubts he’s actually a boy… lol. No doubts!!!

Of course by now he’s so big it becomes harder and harder to make out what we’re looking at in the scans. But Dr. Palgen is quite sweet and guides us along, explaining what we’re looking at.  His head is already down and he weighs around 1kg700 and his measurements are all normal, perfectly within average. Which made me let out a sigh of relief! Everybody seems to be astonished when looking at the size of my bump, thinking he’s going to be a HUGE boy or that my dates HAVE to be wrong. Luckily, not the case! Doc says I’m perfectly normal in size for my stature, nothing to worry about. Yay!!!!

This was most likely the last scan (unless he goes past the due date, or anything else that may need further investigation) so we will most likely only see him by the end of April now! Can’t wait!

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