Belly pic


After being asked for more recent pictures of my growing belly, I decided to upload one taken at 29 weeks (almost 3 weeks ago!!!). Mind you, it is muuuuuch bigger now. Note to self: Take more belly pics! I really hate taking pictures and always end up with a stupid face when I have to pose for them… proof above!

3 thoughts on “Belly pic

  1. You are simply beautiful!!!

    Take as many pictures as you can… I didn’t and I’m frustrated about it!!!! Always thought there were enough time… But there isn’t!!! And when you think you are terrible in pictures, imagine your friends and family, they will love it, I’m sure! (Your kid will love to see them later on too!

    Have fun!!! Time is running! After the birth you won’t have time to think! But it is worth it!

    Love you!

  2. Hey babe.. you look great! don´t worry about your expressions, their fine.. a true mummy!
    Amazing how time flies, soon you´ll be a Mom.. seems just the other day we were in arcos having coffee on Sunday around 15h.. at Casa das Artes, can´t forget that.. that was our ritual.. lol
    Can´t wait to meet your sprout, which I hope has a name by now.. hehehehe and take lots and lots of picture because in the future you´ll want to look back at them and remeber those good old days..

  3. Que grande barrigona! Linda!!!!
    Embora sem tempo de vez em quando venho cá dar uma espreitadela 😉

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