And… we have a “crèche”!!!!


Yay! After visiting a gazillion different nurseries, we finally received confirmation from one saying we have a place for November! We’re so relieved… I was really beginning to get nervous because waiting lists are enormous just about everywhere… that is, if they even accept you on one! I had some place tell me over the phone they weren’t even doing visits or putting anyone on waiting lists because they were fully occupied until Oct 2010! Ridiculous. If anyone living in Brussels is reading this after just getting pregnant, take my advice: find a crèche as soon as possible, even before 3 months pregnant!

Well the crèche we were accepted at is one of the most expensive here, so maybe that’s why we managed a place. It seems nice and is very close to R’s work, so that works out just fine. It’s called Kid Farwest . Sprout will be going there for 4 days a week from November onwards, which will cost us around €630 a month. We will however get around €11/day back from the Belgian tax system after filing our taxes though, so it comes out to almost half the cost per month.

3 thoughts on “And… we have a “crèche”!!!!

  1. Hello,

    I just would like to know your experience in this Crèche (Kid Farwest) because my daughet will go there in January.
    Thank you very much

  2. Hello Ele!
    I con’t say much about it because Sprout was only in there for 1 week. Feeding and separation issues – his and mine 😉 – masde us rethink our options and I decided to stay home with him.
    That said, he WAS is there a week. It didn’t seem bad to me, the caretakers at the time were pretty nice, I was happy they had activities for the little ones, which certainly isn’t the case most places we went to see, and they seemed fairly responsive to crying. The children seemed quite happy, as did other parents I spoke with.
    You do have to keep in mind that there are many babies and few caretakers. I’m not saying this is specific to Kid Farwest, they actually had a pretty good ratio by what I recall, I just mean there’s only so much you can expect. For ex, Sprout wouldn’t take a bottle, he just didn’t know how to get the milk out. He would drink slowly out of a cup or spoon, but they really didn’t have that much time to dedicate to just one baby. But I would imagine the problem would be the same everywhere.
    They were great about cloth diapering, which is something most other places either wouldn’t accept or frowned upon.
    Good luck! Just remember to follow your heart and listen to your child. You will pick up on any problems easiliy that way.

  3. I really thank you for your replay (I’ve just seen it now, i’m sorry).
    I hope all is going fine with your baby. I’m sure he is happier with her mum !
    My daughter is going to the crèche but she also has a lot of problems especially with the fact that she is not with me. She’s (and I’m) really suffering our separation. Furthermore, she is not used to fall asleep alone and she always crying when they put her in bed.
    I don’t know what’s wrong but I decided to be patient one or two weeks more and then take a decision.

    Thank you again.

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