Nearly there


I’m big!!! and tired. and not very mobile anymore… Really, it seems like everything is much further away than it was before 🙂 And I’m down to only a few outfits now. I hope it doesn’t get much hotter this month (or at least this week… I’ll move into R’s t-shirts and sweats during maternity leave).

I’m officially considered to be full term now, so little sprout can make his arrival whenever he wants and won’t be a preemie anymore. Although I have a feeling I will be going over my due date for some reason. We’ll see…

This week is (finally) my last week at work!!! Oh, the excitement! I can’t wait for my mid-afternoon naps! (did I mention I was tired?) I think I have everything prepared for sprout, but still need to wrap things up at work for my replacement. And issues that require my immediate attention have sprung up today… oh, well, just 3 more days!

At least people now seem a bit friendlier on the metro and I usually manage a seat by the first metro stop after I’ve entered. I must say, commuters here aren’t a friendly bunch when it comes to pregnant women. I just love the way they try to ignore my humongous belly that is sticking right in there face while I’m practicing my balancing act standing up. Luckily, there are a few nice people. And more than once, someone standing on the metro with me has kindly insisted that someone seated give me there place. Thank you!!! Real life savers, especially at the end of the day…

Did I mention only 3 more days at work? Yay!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Nearly there

  1. Hi Sandra, you look great! I think Alex is going to be a big boy.. I can´t believe it´s already time for the BIG day, amazing how time flies.. I know I say this so many times.. but its just I´m sooo happy for you!!!

    I hope to see you and your family soon.. I wish you three the best! Good Luck with everything and I hope to meet “sprout” Alex, soon.

    Have a great Easter! beijinhos:)

  2. Hey sexy mamma!
    Officially at home! Finally some rest, huh? I’m wondering if little Alex has already screamed hello 😉 Can’t wait to see his first photo!!!


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