Alex is here!


Alexandre Amorim Gouveia arrived more than a week early on Monday, 13 April 2009 at 9am with 49,5cm and 3,255kg! All went well and we’re both doing fine, as is dad. We’re very happy and completely in love with our little sprout!

Labour was very quick and all went well. I started feeling some “discomfort” at 4.30 am. We got to the Hospital at 6.30am and Alex was born at 9.00. I  didn’t take an epidural 🙂

We stayed in hospital until last Friday and we’re now starting to get the hang of things at home. Luckily my mom is here to gives some extra support.

I’ll give more details once things have calmed down a bit.


4 thoughts on “Alex is here!

  1. Can’t wait to pick you up! You are gorgeous! Hope to see you in person soon although the probability of it happens is small! I miss your mom a lot and I’m sure she is splendid! Miss your smile!! Love you all!

  2. Mai uma vez Parabéns mamã e papá! Ele é LINDO! Estou desejosa de o conhecer pessoalmente e que ele conheça a Leonor.

    Muitos beijinhos à família toda!

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