Cloth diapers and eco disposables


I’ve finally tried out all of my cloth diapers (or nappies for Brits)!!! And I washed them all! Yay!!!

I must say I was a bit worried about stains and odour, but no problem whatsoever. No spills or leaks, good fit, generally easy to use, store and wash. They’re all on the line now. My favourites are the bumgenious V3 one size pocket nappies. They are just like disposables and they adjust to fit a growing baby, so they can be used much longer. Unfortunately, they are also more expensive… However, I think it’s well worth the investment.Rodrigo only liked these.  I was sad to see the swaddle bee just barely fits his bum anymore! my little boy is growing so fast.

I also discovered I don’t like poppers much. Alex is very wriggly when changing, so speed and ease is of the essence two-parts and poppers take longer and he can squiggle out easily, making it harder for me to change.

We’ve been using disposables until now, just because it was easier, with getting used to having sprout home and having stay-in visitors (mom and mother in law). Besides, our washing machine is downstairs, so not very practical. It will be much easier in our new house :). I tried Swillet, Bumbo Nature and moltex. They are all good at containing the mess, but I found Swillet (unfortunately the most Eco of the bunch) to feel too plasticy (the plastic material is made of corn). Bambo Nature are good, but a bit bulkier than others. My favourite s are Moltex – closer to other commercial brands. I definitely recommend. I’ve been buying from an online store – SeBio – that delivers free in Brussels for purchases over €40. They’re great and they also have cloth!

Now I’m going to try to gradually change to cloth for most of the time and keep the eco-disposables for going out and night. Hopefully I’ll be able to make the full transition at some point.

Here’s Alex  in his Bumgenious. Adorable!!!


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