2 months!!


Wow! Alex was 2 months old on Saturday! I can’t believe time has gone by so fast and he’s grown so much already! He is now 5kg200 and 56cm… quite a way since his 2kg70 (lowest weight) and 49,5cm!S1033843

He seems to be doing something different every day now as well. He just recently began smiling, although we usually call him our grumpy little man because he gets colicky most days.

Well, I can’t say these first two months have been a piece of cake! We’ve had our ups and downs with breastfeeding, colic and a scare when we discovered he has 2 inguinal hernias and may need an operation by or before his first birthday. However, I must say all the sleepless nights, worrying and listening to a red-faced fist-clenching howling little guy have all been worth it and I would definitely do it all again! We love our little sprout and things are getting much easier day by day as we get the hang of things. Nights are much easier since he’s only feeding 2 – 3 times and is much more efficient. We’re happily doing a mix of co-sleeping and putting him in his own crib. We’ve also been out everyday unless it pours and I’m starting to get the hang of breastfeeding in public. Our days now have a rhythm to them, although no real schedule and I’m really loving being a mom and having this warm, soft skinned, wide eyed beauty in my arms 🙂


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