Back to work!

My maternity leave has officially come to an end… boo hoo!!!! Maternity leave in Belgium in up to 15 weeks, but one week MUST be taken BEFORE the birth or you lose it. Alex decided to make a grand entry the day before my maternity leave begun, so I was only entitled to 14 weeks. Oh well, it’s actually good to use my brain for things unrelated to poop, boobies and naps… oh, and crying 😉

Actually, I’m still at home full time, but working around 3 hours/day on my computer, with the occasional meeting at my place (last meeting agenda included welcome and cuddles with Alex… how cute!). That’s the beauty of working for a socially-minded oragnisation. I’ve taken part-time parental leave until end October to do this. The only glitch: Alex’s unpredictable humour. The sling is really a great help with this though. He naps and I work – win-win. For now at least!

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