My favourite baby gear

I just had to share with you some of my favourite baby gear so far!

  1. Top of the list is my wonderful, fantastic, life (and arm and back) saving ring sling!!!! I’m just sorry I didn’t use it right form the start! It was a bit tricky to use for the first couple of times, but it is so easy once you get the hang of it. Ours is the Babylonia BB-Sling in blueberry. It’s great on my back (better than the BabyBjorn Synergy we also have) and Alex loves it (again, better than BabyBjorn). It’s not that I don’t like the BabyBjorn, I just guess they have different uses. Here we are in action (for a walk in our lovely new neighbourhood):
    and in nap mode:
    It’s especially great for a baby with reflux and colic because he can nap in a semi-upright position. I also think he likes to be at the same level as us. And I love being hands free! It’s also fairly easy to breastfeed while wearing it, plus the long tail allows me to cover up (also useful when it’s windy or too sunny outside).
  2. Muslin squares (aka old-fashioned cloth diapers) and washcloths. You can’t imagine how much I’ve been using these! Muslin squares are cheap and great for: wiping up spit-up; burping; wiping up vitamins, medicines, etc; covering up while nursing (only a couple of times really); putting under baby’s head in cradle, carrycot, etc.; for putting over changing mat when out and about; and so on… I also bought a supercheap 10 pack of washcloths at Ikea that we use for wiping up bigger spit-up messes, drooling, medicines, etc.
  3. Bumgenius cloth diapers. I love, love, love these. Alex is a major explosive poo kind of baby. You know, the kind that goes up the back, out of the diaper and on to clothes, you, the bed, whatever… I must say I haven’t had a single explosion with these. They are just about as practical as disposables, easy to put on and wash, super absorbent, keep little sprout dry and haven’t had any nappy rash so far. oh, and they dry the same day as well (we don’t own a dryer). Plus, they save us money in the long run and are SO much better for the environment than disposables. And, they’re so CUTE!!! We have around 22 now if I’m not mistaken, wash every 2-3 days and haven’t run out yet. They are available in Brussels through my favourite on-line store (SeBIO), but unfortunately they’re pricey here. I got mine from the UK (no VAT on cloth nappies = much cheaper!!!).S1033969
  4. Cheeky wipes. These are basically cloth wipes. They’re a bit gimmicky, but they’re great. I thought of making my own kit, but buying everything here would come out more expensive. They really are great, clean better, not mucky on the hands, easy to use (no drying necessary), great for baby’s bum and the environment as well.
  5. Playmat(s). We have 2. And a plain mat as well. This is one of the ways I manage a shower in the morning! We have a Tiny Love Gymni monkey island which he loves. He’s been batting at the toys since around 7/8 weeks and he still loves it.
    We also have a great Lilliputiens mat/sleeping bag that he is loving for tummy time.S1033976_2
    And we have an Ikea quilt/mat that’s good for taking outside or layering for hard floors.
  6. BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance & Toy
    Alex loves this! Especially now he has discovered the wooden toys on it and actually knows how to make them move!!! Plus it’s super easy to wash (very important when you have a little posseter).
  7. Birthing/exercise ball
    This is the exact one we have (50cm because I’m short…  R can’t really use it). This was one of my favourites during pregnancy and it’s still going strong. Good for bouncing and rocking a colicky baby without tiring so much. I also imagine he’ll like it when he’s a bit older AND I expect to use it for exercise (one day)…
  8. Colourful mobile
    Again, this is the exact one we have. I wouldn’t recommend it for the bed because it’s very stimulating (although that’s what they make it for). We have ours attached to the crib, but push it away out of sight when putting him down to sleep. This isn’t a beautiful mobile that fits in wonderfully with our decor BUT it’s stimulating for Sprout and keeps him amused for 30min at a time. Babies can’t really “see” the pastel or softer coloured ones.

2 thoughts on “My favourite baby gear

  1. hello sprout-momma 🙂
    that’s a really good list you have there. I’m not even pregnant yet, but I am sure it will come in handy once we are successful, so thank you for sharing

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