Sprout has a room!!!

I can’t remember if I mentioned it before, but we moved about a month ago to our first house (well, apartment actually) which accounts for the infrequent posts. We ordered the furniture to Alex’s room in April, before he was born and they said it would take 4-6 weeks. Well the 4-6 weeks passed and no furniture so I contacted the store and they said they should be arriving. They didn’t. So I contacted them again. And again. And again… Well turns out someone screwed up (still can’t figure if it was the store or the Belgian rep) and Kidsmill had never received our order!!!! So the furniture was only delivered last Friday (speedy delivery after we threatened to get it somewhere else, otherwise we’d only have it in September). I was outraged, but that passed once I saw it 🙂 I think it’s beautiful, big and solid and will grow with sprout. Definitely a good investment. Only thing now is we never painted the nursery because we had to move in a bit of a hurry (less than a week after buying the place). A little girl lived here before so Alex has a yellow and purple room for the moment. Well, at least it isn’t pink!




Now we need colour! We won’t paint until around X-mas probably, but I’d like to add colour without clashing with the purple especially (any suggestions more than welcome!!). Will have to look around a bit to find bedding, colourful pillows and some artwork. Can’t wait to see it completed, but I love it already.As you can see, the Poang I mentioned before didn’t make it into his room. We did buy it (and love it), but it’s in the living room and we put our old clic-clac in his room for now.

We’ve been putting him in his new bed during the day (that is IF we manage to get him down) and at night before we go to bed. He goes back into our room afterward. We hope he’ll start getting used to it that way.

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