Running again and sick little sprout

Sunday morning I went for my first run since about 12 weeks pregnant. Boy did it feel good, despite the awful cold. Puddles were still frozen from the negative temperatures, but the sun was shining and I felt alive. It gave me energy for what the night had in store for me. I also tried my iPhone / nike plus combination, but I stupidly managed to erase all the data, so still don’t know how much I enjoy it.

It was such a beautiful day and seemed so warm in our house, we went out to the park in Tervuren. We found it odd Alex didn’t complain when put in the car seat and basically slept the whole time, but he still seemed fine, even when he went for a walk in the carrier (a VERY short walk, it was freezing!) When we got home we realised he was burning. Poor little Sprout had a rough night with high fevers and aches and pains. Monday afternoon he was a bit better and wanted to play and all, but the night was still rough.
I’m now glad to report the fever went away and he’s starting to act like his cheery self again! This was the first time he got sick, poor thing! I hope he’ll be 100% himself soon!

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