11 months old today

And what a happy sprout! I can’t believe this litle guy is almost a year old! When did this happen? 🙂

He’s completely recovered from his illness. And then I caught it. And now we’re all better, so happy ending to it all!

So, what’s new with Alex. Let’s see… teeth… um, no! Not one yet! Is he walking? Well, sort of… has taken some steps alone, but… does being really proficient at walking (and running!) holding on with one hand count? No? Well… then I guess he’s not. Talking… not really. hehe… not much news you may say! Well, not with the typical milestones I guess. But he did pet a dog for the first time. And a cat. (sad I know, but we’re not aquanted with many pet owning families… I guess because we know mostly frequent flyer expats?). And he played in the mud (thank goodness it’s much warmer! – i.e. not negative temperatures).

He loves going to the park, going outside for walks, no matter the weather! This week has been rough for him since we were indoors so much.

He’s quite a joy to be around… I find it amazing how he progresses every month, development of memory, fine motor skills, sociability…

Oh, I hear him calling… gotta run!

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