Hand-made love for the sprout – part one

Since I left work, I’ve been making quite a few things for mr. Alex 🙂 I’ve been meaning to post about them for the longest time, but I don’t have good pictures of most of them. Most are taken on my Iphone, in movement. It doesn’t help that he tries to grab the camera every time I pop it out!!
Here are the most recent


The sweet pea pilot cap from Sew Liberated (you HAVE to check out her blog… so inspiring I read it from start to finish… stalking you say? hmm….)

I LOVE Ottobre. I have a subscription and it’s soooo worth it. I’ve made a whole bunch of their stuff already. This is the second time I do these pants (the first time I made jeans live in the pattern). They are the “Rock Me” Baby jeans from Ottobre Summer 3/2009. This is a super soft baby cord I got online from Dots n’ Stripes (I also bought the interlock and ribbing for the cap there – great service, quick delivery!). I still have to check out good and not too pricey fabric resources in Brussels. Rod hates the green. I don’t care, was getting tired of blue and brown anyway!!!!

The shirt was bought at H&M (and it’s organic… I’m hoping there was no child labour involved in the production though!) and I appliqued 2 fabric circles to the front. I used freezer paper stencil to draw the turtle on with fabric paint. The turtle drawing also came from an Ottobre magazine, but can’t remember which!

Oh, and don’t you just love the way he’s showing off how he can walk? 😀 Sigh…

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