One year old!!!

Happy birthday little guy!!!! You have so changed my life this year…

I went from workaholic to stay at home mom in a blink. I discovered how unconditional and limitless love can really be. How much of myself I can really give. But best of all, I discovered YOU, this wonderful little person revealing himself day by day. How wonderful life is, how proud I am to be your mama. Happy birthday sprout! I love you!

5 thoughts on “One year old!!!

  1. WOW! 1 year Old! Congratulations Alex you are becoming a big boy and sooo handsome.. and congrats to the parents too!

  2. Hello Sandra,

    Congrats! 1 years old! another big milestone!

    I’ve been reading ur blog for a short while. 🙂

    I’m also a mom of one and living with my little family in Lier.
    We have a son as well, he is now 1Y8M. Lovely to read a blog
    where full of joy of parenting life.

    Happy Birthday Little One!

    Keep going! Super mammy!


  3. I haven’t forgotten about you little guy! How could i? My princess Bea is three now, while you’re just one… Time flies and I’ve been so busy lately…. Too much work… Wish i had more time to whatsoever…. Miss my days of freedom…
    Even so I thought about you all…
    “Parabéns” mommy and daddy!
    Congrats for you both, also!
    This was just the first year, as time flows, little sprout will become bigger and bigger and the happiness of parenthood will be greater…
    Troubles in their way… your child’s independence takes your breath away… but it gives you so much more to live for!…
    Hope to see you all at summer time!
    Love you!

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