Been away

Sorry for the impromptu absence! We’ve been having some awful nights and naptimes because Sprout is (we think – finally) teething! He chews his finger, moths his fist and seems generally uncomfortable for sleep. We can’t see any teeth yet, but his lower gum looks like the Swiss alps!

Speaking of Swiss Alps, another reason for my absence (and totally missing the kids week challenge… I’ll have to have my own in the following weeks) was a long weekend trip to Geneva with Rod and Sprout. No, I didn’t go to the Alps! But the city is beautiful! So clean and peaceful…

Alex had a great time too,

in the park

visiting international institutions

eating out

and getting some rest

We used our newish Ergo baby carrier and absolutely love it. It has front, back and hip carry. Alex is very comfy in it and the position he’s in is so much better for him than with the baby bjorn (we have this one in navy, but are considering selling it). And it’s easier on my back as well. Alex took many naps in it! We also have our trusty sling, but I only use occasionally around the house now because he’s so squirmy trying to look at things outside that he manages to wriggle out of the hip carry and I don’t feel safe. Maybe I’m just doing something wrong?

Anyway, we had a great time and it sure felt good to be out and about as a family, justthe three of us for the first time.

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