Sewing for Sprout – boy’s romper

Boy’s romper, originally uploaded by sandramorim.

I’ve been sewing!!! Alex is really in need of summery clothes with the weather improving and our travel plans for the summer.
This pattern is Ottobre 3/2007 # 7 size 80. It was one of the items I had planned for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge I didn’t follow through on. I just finished this weekend. It took me two evenings and  I’m really very proud of how this little romper turned out. It was super easy, but I really tried to pay attention to the detail and think it was totally worth the effort. The outside is a very lightweight denim and the facing + patch applique is a very soft cotton (voile maybe? I’m no good with fabric names…). I still need an action shot.

I’ll be posting other outfits soon. I’d also like to make him some summer pj’s, but need appropriate fabric. It’s really hard to shop for reasonably priced fabric in Brussels. This denim I bought at Maison Dorée on sale and the cotton at Maison des Tissus which is more reasonably priced and very close to home.

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