Kids Clothes Week – Take 2

Elsie Marley is hosting Kids Clothes Week again, for Fall/Winter this time. I totally expected to participate last time, but way too much was going on, so I didn’t sew a stitch… Since I’m not busy with any work-related project and don’t have any trips planned for the near future, I think I can pull it off this time.

The idea is to sew 1hour a day for your kids, for 7 days. This is a brilliant idea, because it’s always the getting up and doing that holds me back. Once I start, I’m quite likely to go on for longer.

My projects for this week include finishing up an already cut out pajama and a sweet pea cap. It will be so nice to get these two sewn up, before I lose any pieces and pins!! I also want to trace out patterns for an Ottobre vest and long sleeve t-shirt and sew those up. If I have time for more, I may venture into making a pair of cords and maybe starting a fall jacket – we’ll see. Better to go slowly and not get ahead of myself.I’ll be posting my progress every day (I hope), so let’s see what I’ll have tomorrow!

Anyone else participating? What are your plans?

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