kcwc output: 1 pajama

Sad, I know. I guess I’m just not cut out for these challenges. Unlike others, knowing other people are watching doesn’t really push me along, but rather makes it feel like work I HAVE to do. So there you go. I love to sew, and I can put something together fast if I really wanted to. The thing is, I’d rather linger on the details, take my time and try to learn as I go along instead of focusing mostly on just getting things done. I did do other things.

I started putting together the second sweet pea cap I had cut out, but first time using a mock coverstitch on my new sewing machine meant I botched it up, had to rip it apart and rendered the whole thing useless. I could’ve quickly cut up another piece, but I wanted to use the striped fabric for the lining of a vest and wasn’t sure how much I’d have left over. I also traced and cut out the patterns for a long sleeve tee and vest from Ottobre 1/2010. All I have to do now is cut into the fabric and sew it up – ha!

But back to the pjs. They are Otto 6/2009. I had used this pattern before, but they came out way too big. Plus, my first attempt at applique didn’t go too well and I ended up with a weird “tail” on the whale, not so professional looking stitching and a whale in the tummy area rather than the chest. I still love those first pjs, mind you, but I wanted to make these better. Turns out the problem was not chopping off the complete 1cm seam allowance on my serger. These new birdie pjs came out PERFECT. Great fit, and I think they’re adorable. I still would like to add more detail to the bird applique though…

I still think Kids Clothes Week Challenge is the greatest though. It did get me off my bum. And, just check out all the beautiful things others have created. See, not everyone is as lazy as me! Plus, Elsie’s projects made me just HAVE to add another sewing book to my collection. 😉

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