I’m back, honest I am – the one where I ramble on

Hello there! I have been away for a loong time! I didn’t even post Sprout’s 2yr b-day! How awful!

A lot has been going on, mostly everyday stuff, lots of travelling, reading, making things, being out in nature, with friends. But that’s not why I’ve been gone. I got to thinking about this space here. Why I write. What I should share (or not share), etc.

I’m an avid blog reader. I can say many blogs have had quite an impact on the way I do life at the moment, a great source of information and inspiration. I love how I can get a glimpse into like-minded people’s lives, get ideas, find inspiration. I love that so many people share so much of their personal lives and I would very much like to pass on whatever I do that may do the same for others. However, as Sprout grows, the issue of his privacy is always in the back of my mind. It was such a deal before he was born, for sure. And while he was a baby, well, it still didn’t seem like a big deal. But the baby isn’t really a baby anymore is he. He’s a big boy, says so himself. So I feel I have to respect his privacy. And not only that. As he ventures more and more into the big world, I sort of feel it’s a matter of safety as well. So many weirdos out there, do I really want to share so much about my son? In the early days, I didn’t even think about sharing is real name, calling him sprout. But when someone referred to his name in the comments, I kind of dropped the idea.

So what do I do? Basically I haven’t been writing at all. But I keep receiving emails and site stats from all these people who come on here every week looking for information of some sort or just checking in. Plus, I like a place where I can write, share my thoughts on things, share projects, etc. So, I’ve decided to pick up this little blog again and dust it off. I’m going to commit to writing at least once a week, even if I don’t do pictures on my post. Some things will change though. I won’t be using Sprout’s real name. I’m still not 100% decided on pictures, but will definitely try avoiding showing his face.

So, that’s it really. I’m back. And I hope people will be reading, and maybe even commenting. The first thing I’m dying to post about is his big boy room. I just have to try getting good pictures because the ones I took before are all blurry (I blame using my phone camera, but whatever).

2 thoughts on “I’m back, honest I am – the one where I ramble on

  1. Hey there, just chanced upon your blog after awhile myself and saw your post. I understand completely about your feelings on privacy – am all for it myself (I advise on data protection)… one of the main reasons why I never used my children’s names in my blog or put up pictures which might relate to them being identified.

    It’s great that you are paying attention to such matters! Welcome back!

  2. Hi Irina, nice to hear from you again! Yes, it’s definitely something that’s been on my mind lately! One thing is giving up some of my privacy, another thing is my son’s whom I’m responsible for. Pictures and names aside, I sometimes hesitate on exactly WHAT is it alright for me to share in such a public space. I supose I’ll figure that one as I go.
    So you have a blog too? Would love to know more about it! Hope you’re well!

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