Another Sprout on the way

Yep, that’s right! Sprout nb 2 is on its way and expected to arrive early June!! I’m so excited, and a bit anxious too, knowing R will be travelling around that time…

I have finally found my 2nd trimester energy! Let me tell you, being pregnant with nb 2 while being a full-time mom to nb 1 is MUCH harder!! I don’t really get morning sickness and such, but OMG the fatigue during the first trimester… With Sprout it was not much of an issue, I’d just fall asleep on the sofa soon as I got home from work. Who cares if dinner is ready? Actually, R would make it most of the time, waking me up to eat 🙂 So sweet. But with a 2,5 year-old? I can’t collapse at 6pm. Or sleep in. So, I ended up doing what I (sort of) did when he was a newborn: sleep when he does. So, basically, I’ve been hibernating through Autumn. Add to that a trip to NYC to visit my sis and family, let’s say these last 3 months seem like a bit of a haze!

Now, I’m ready for nesting. And I guess I should probably try to fit in some exercise too? Maybe some blogging? 😉


2 thoughts on “Another Sprout on the way

  1. Well Done!!!
    Nice to ear from you again!
    So many “saudades” of you, (snifff ) I think we’ve lost you to belgians!

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