We’re having (another) BOY!!!

manneken pis - Brussels

Happy New Year everyone. We’re just back from visiting with family and I had a scan today. Sprout n.2 is a boy! I didn’t really mind either way. They’re all individuals with their own personalities, gender is just one factor. That said, I WILL miss not getting to shop for/make some of the pretty girl stuff. Then again, I suppose I won’t have to deal with all the princesses and a certain, very pink ubiquitous kitty!

Anyway, we’re all happy. But I live the way Sprout keeps saying “I like boys AND girls, so it’s ok if it’s a boy. It’s ok if it’s a girl too.” Ok, maybe his version of the sentence wasn’t so well constructed, but this is the gist of it 🙂 I also love the running commentary and emabarrassing interesting questions and comments. Like at the doctor’s office today, when I told him I was going to the bathroom, I love how he said in his loudest possible voice “to do pee-pee in a cup mama?”. Only paralleled by our joint trips to public bathrooms where he coaches me with a “You can do it Mama! There you go, you did it!” (positive reinforcement anyone?).

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