A present for a little friend

Yesterday was a little friend’s first birthday. He’s actually one of Sprout’s best friends younger brother. Their Mom is really sweet and always has cute little gifts for Sprout. I’ve been meaning to gift them something handmade for a very long time, but something always seems to get in the way. This time I decided to just get to it.

The other day we were talking about fabric balloon covers to make balloons safer for babies and toddlers if they pop. I remembered seeing a free pattern somewhere online and decided to dig it out and just make it. It actually came together pretty quickly and easily. Sprout now wants one, so I guess aI will be making more! You can find the pattern I used here.

I used some Alexander Henry 2D Zoo fabric I’ve been hoarding, left over from Sprout’s duvet cover.

Sorry I didn’t take pictures without the balloon, but basically I made a button-hole on one end (the pattern is a bit different) so you can just pop in a balloon, inflate, tie up, tuck it in and play!!

I hope he enjoys it!

7 thoughts on “A present for a little friend

  1. What a great idea, and it looks lovely, too! I guess it might be still light enough for the ballon to sink slowly? For indoors use, this would make it more practical than using a ball… definitely something worth exploring!

  2. Yes, still light like a balloon, but more resistant and safer for littles, as long as you completely tuck the balloon inside – and supervise, of course!

  3. great idea. If you are still looking for good fabric shops in Belgium a friend introduced us to a beautiful one in Nil St vincent – can’t remember the name, but if you google, am sure you’ll find it. I bought wedding dress fabric there, but they had a fabulous range, from memory, of other things.

  4. We also purchased some from the Wellington Playcentre Shop (Tawa, New Zealand), they stock a huge selcetion to choose from.
    They are handmade in NZ by Simple As 123

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